About Kristen

Greetings! Like all writers and editors, I have amassed a particular set of skills. You can read about these in my professional bio.

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The short version:

I was a successful blogger (2002–2008), a hobby which overlapped with five years of working for a small publisher in Los Angeles. 

Blogging made me very good at SEO — a knack that put several of my blog posts on journalists’ and editors’ radar. This got me interviewed by the Associated Press and mentioned or quoted by Slate, Boing Boing, and other influential sites.

Ultimately, my familiarity with online publicity, HTML, and publishing led me to launch a book marketing consultancy. For over 10 years I built and promoted websites, blogs, and social media content for authors, including investing expert Phil Town, “The Sleep Doctor” Michael Breus, and former CNN anchor Donald Van de Mark. I also created custom social strategies and training programs, through which I helped over 100 authors promote their books and build their careers.

Book marketing was a great chance to learn what gets people excited about books and authors, but my first love has always been writing — and helping others to write better.

What I do today:

I write and edit — marketing copy, e-learning, and nonfiction thought leadership content (including ghostwritten books) for clients.

I’m also working on my own projects. I’m a published poet, short story writer, and essayist and a sometimes screenwriter. I’m currently working on a collection of literary short fiction that may turn into a novel.

For fun I play the banjo, but just a little. I also infrequently play the guitar and almost never touch the bass.

I used to be a movie geek, but now I mostly read and play with my dog.

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