Writing, Editing, & Reading: April 18, 2016 Edition

One of the great pleasures of being self-employed as a writer and editor is the ability to do so many different things with so many different people. Here’s what I’ve been working on since 3/29:


For clients:


  • Ongoing, I’m writing SEO-optimized blog posts for a medical marketing agency (subject: orthopedic surgery).
  • Drawing upon my book PR background (specifically, for children’s picture books), last week I wrote a press release for an award-winning children’s picture book app, The Magic Poof. (If you have young readers in your family, I encourage you to download it: it’s cute, and associated with #WeNeedDiverseBooks.)

For myself:

  • Recently I had a chance to workshop one of my short stories, “The Deep End.” I got a heap of terrific feedback that will help with the revision. (My teacher says, “This story will be about ten pages longer in the end.” Oy!)
  • I spent the last two weeks of March adapting one of my unpublished shorts, “Grendel,” to a screenplay format. My co-writer, a film director, was invited to submit for inclusion in a fully-funded anthology series that’s associated with Sundance. If our script is selected to be produced, she’ll shoot it this summer. Fingers crossed.


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Writing, Editing, and Reading: March 29, 2016 Edition

I always say that once Halloween rolls around, the rest of the year is a roller coaster with no brakes. Somehow, with all the holidays, the little things fall between the cracks. That was certainly the case with updating this blog — the holidays took over and seemed to extend past 1/1, spilling almost all the way to Tax Day. (Party on.) But now I’m back with a few quick updates.

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