Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week: May 18, 2015 Edition


Things I’m Writing About, Editing, and Reading This Week

Writing about. . . Cursed fibers, crochet, revenge, and a haunting for my feature film script 

Editing. . . Management techniques and health safety protocols for a client’s instructional design product

. . . and website copy for a humor book I helped to edit last year

Reading. . . Olive Kitteridge (link) because I loved the HBO series, and . . . Mad Men articlesThat series finale — huh?

On the horizon: back to writing about sink holes for a short story, and. . . Your project. There’s a hole in my schedule after June 1. Need something written, rewritten, or edited? Give me a shout!

– Kristen

On Messaging Alignment

The following excerpt, taken from this week’s Yahoo! Small Business article about JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson’s marketing missteps, made me say “Yes!”:

Messaging alignment. Even though JC Penney’s ads made the company look new and fresh, when a buyer actually walked into the store, they were not greeted with the same brand messaging. This left potential buyers confused–never a good sign, online or offline. As a digital marketer, this reminds me of companies that use a very compelling call-to-action button or online ad, and then when you actually get to the landing page, it’s not at all what you were led there with. Can someone say high bounce rate? And that’s just what JC Penney prospects did in the store, without bags in their hands.

Occasionally as a copywriter I find myself in a position where I write ads for a product or service, only to have those ads point to a web page that doesn’t deliver.

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Tip – Don’t Overlook the Obvious

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Sometimes we write and deliver email newsletters for clients. One of the most valuable of all email marketing techniques, which I learned by observing this season’s onslaught of political messaging, is that you should always lead with information or an urgent call to action that will get people to open your email instead of trashing it or saving it for later.

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