Client Kudos & Praise (5/25/16)

Before I dive back into a big pile of copywriting assignments, a few quick notes about recent client work:

  • A website for which I wrote copy (personal stories by consumers) was awarded a “best site” award for 2015. (Client is confidential.)
  • The e-learning module script I wrote last summer is now complete and live on The client is proud of the end result and looks forward to working with us again. We’re a two-woman dynamo; contact us if you need e-learning modules complete with Flash animation and voiceover talent.
  • I have a new content editing testimonial for my current project, a nonfiction business book due from a major business publisher in 2017. Per the author’s wishes I’m keeping his praise anonymous for now, until the project is complete:
vintage typewriter in black
Your edit is a gift! You're doing exactly what I hoped you would be doing: copy editing, mixed with excellent content editing. I also love your suggestions and questions — makes me think deeper about the messages I'm trying to convey and how to better communicate them.
Business Book Author and Tech Director at a Fortune 500 Company

If you’re looking for help with copywriting, e-learning module development, or editing, please send me an email to reserve a spot on my calendar. I have time available starting after July 5.


It’s been a busy spring; we’ve entertained visiting house guests during April and May, giving us a chance to play tourists at home in Los Angeles two months in a row. But work continues! Here’s what I’ve been up to since the last update:


For clients:

I’m continuing to write regular blog posts on orthopedic surgery and sports medicine for an inbound medical marketing agency. I’m also getting HubSpot certified in the creation of inbound marketing content. If you want inbound health content, I’m the gal to call (after July 5, that is; my schedule’s rapidly filling up for summer).


Writing, Editing, & Reading: April 18, 2016 Edition

One of the great pleasures of being self-employed as a writer and editor is the ability to do so many different things with so many different people. Here’s what I’ve been working on since 3/29:


For clients:


  • Ongoing, I’m writing SEO-optimized blog posts for a medical marketing agency (subject: orthopedic surgery).
  • Drawing upon my book PR background (specifically, for children’s picture books), last week I wrote a press release for an award-winning children’s picture book app, The Magic Poof. (If you have young readers in your family, I encourage you to download it: it’s cute, and associated with #WeNeedDiverseBooks.)

For myself:

  • Recently I had a chance to workshop one of my short stories, “The Deep End.” I got a heap of terrific feedback that will help with the revision. (My teacher says, “This story will be about ten pages longer in the end.” Oy!)
  • I spent the last two weeks of March adapting one of my unpublished shorts, “Grendel,” to a screenplay format. My co-writer, a film director, was invited to submit for inclusion in a fully-funded anthology series that’s associated with Sundance. If our script is selected to be produced, she’ll shoot it this summer. Fingers crossed.


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