My Writing: Publications

Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction

Like many who edit others, I write too. Below is a list of my published creative work, primarily literary fiction and poetry.



  • "Landscape with Houses." Bracken VI. Fall 2018. (Online)
  • "At Dusk" (includes audio recording)concis. Summer 2017. (Online)
  • "Fat Bird," "The Place I Come to" (2 poems)The Fourth River 0.3. Fall 2016. (Online)
  • "Welcome to Womanhood." Hysteria Anthology, Sable Books. Forthcoming.
  • "Slight Breeze." Ekphrasis Journal Vol. 6 No. 4. Fall/Winter 2013. (Print)
  • "Centinela." Solstice Literary Magazine. Summer 2012. (Online) (Finalist, Stephen Dunn Prize)
  • "Hockey Rink." Slipstream 25. 2005. (Print)
  • "Benediction," "Paranoia" (2 poems, featured poet). FRiGG Journal 4. 2004. (Online)
  • "In Juarez." 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Volume 1 (Hollyridge Press). 2001. (Print)
  • "Risk." The Pedestal Magazine. 2001. Later excerpted in (Online)
  • "Chapter Eleven," "Sororicide" (2 poems). Freudian Shrimp. (Print)
  • "Montague, Massachusetts." Poems Niederngasse. (Print)
  • "Bang the Drum Slowly," "Milagra" (2 poems). 3rd Muse. (Print)
  • "A Word from the Seated Bather." Iguanaland. (Print)

Creative Nonfiction:

  • "Leftovers," The Rumpus (Readers Report Back), 2011. (Online)


Other Creative Work

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